No Order


“No Order. Art in a Post-Fordist Society”. This editorial research and investigation project focuses on the relationships between contemporary art systems and capitalism’s production processes.

By means of an investigation into current creative industries—and their social, economic and semiotic assemblages—the magazine contributions (essays, articles, interviews and dialogues as well as artists’ projects) aim to deconstruct, analyse and intervene within the ambit of the procedures and forms of cognitive capitalism. It will concentrate, in particular, on the phenomena of the ‘biennalisation’, ‘financialisation’ and ‘spectacularisation’ of the political, beginning with the control and distribution of forms of artistic education, production and display on a global scale.

“No Order” is published annually and is bilingual (English and Italian). It is edited by Marco Scotini, published by Archive Books (Berlin), and promoted and supported by NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano. Beyond the normal divisions and pre-established formats of periodical art magazines, this editorial project is structured into an assemblage of three sections: “Time Zone”, “Play Time”, and “Time Machine”.