Month: June 2018

Tugging the apparatus
Exhibition by Romana Schmalisch


On the occasion of the publication “Mobile Cinema”, published 2017 by Archive Books, the artist Romana Schmalisch will present her apparatus Mobile Cinema which derives its form from Alexander Medvedkin’s film The New Moscow (1938). After several years of travelling, it comes to rest for an open archival exhibition at Archive Kabinett, presenting materials and filmic notes that have been collected or produced during the journeys – ranging from dance and labour, bright futures and socialist realism, vampires and resurrection – materials that went through this apparatus, leaving neither of them unchanged.

Imagining the Future:
The Arab World in the Aftermath of Revolution


Following the uprisings in the Arab world, a wave of counter-revolutions has exacerbated internal repression, intensified by the active intervention of international powers. The material as well as the immaterial damages are immense. The setbacks are not only felt in the short term but fundamentally affect the very notions and representations of a future. Before the Arab revolutions, visions of the future tended to regard dictatorships as ultimately transitory episodes. Even though some of the expectations have been fulfilled, this did not pave the way to new horizons. Rather, the curtain has been brought down on a political era that once promised a bright future.

documenta 14


Join us for a slow two-day launch of the publication aneducation – documenta 14. On June 6–7, 2018, Archive Books hosts readings, talks, moments for asking questions, meals, music, walks and exercises with team members, contributors, colleagues and guests from Athens, Berlin, Kassel and beyond.