Wednesday, November 25, 7 pm
Eran Schaerf
Tuesday, November 24, 7 pm
Simon Faulkner
and David Reeb
Between States
Rab-Rab is an English language journal dealing with
political and formal inquiries in art, published bi-
annually in Helsinki by Rab-Rab Press under the
direction of Sezgin Boynik and Gregoire Rousseau.

The common denominator of the texts published in the
first issue (October 2014) is language; or more precisely
the code, index, syntax, grammar, and other formal
properties of language. Issue of language was the
starting point for the editors because it is the field
where ideological operations become most visible.

In the second issue of Rab–Rab the editors deal with
the issue of noise: “Departing from our programme
based on the understanding of art practice as a
confrontation between formal and political inquiries,
our aim in this issue is to use noise as the name for this
difficult, disturbing, loud and coercive exploration. In
many cases the formal and political aspects of noise are
two separate things: the former is seen as an issue of
information or perception, whereas the latter is usually
reduced to a metaphor of spontaneity. But if we change
these parameters of discussing the noise from
measurable coefficients of failed communication, or
from elusive metaphors of contingencies, towards the
conceptual references related to ideology and class
struggles, then what is understood as noise turns into
something else. It can become a valid concept of
inquiry, refusing to be pinpointed to conventional
academic banalities or to silly phenomenological
artistic fantasies immersed in experience.”
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Monday to Saturday
2 pm – 7 pm

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The book Frequency-Modulated Scenario is published in the
framework of the project
fm-scenario – The Listener’s Voice,
a production of a production e. V., Berlin, and Bayerischer
Rundfunk, Dept. of Radio Plays and Media Arts, in
cooperation with Etablissement d’en face, Brussels; Hartware
MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund; Haus der Kulturen der Welt,
Berlin; Les Complices, Zurich; Museum für Konkrete Kunst,
Ingolstadt and the ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe

At a radio station called The Listener’s Voice, freedom of
speech is supposed to be guaranteed by a computerized
moderator taking listeners’ calls. Yet, the moderator was
not only programmed for an unplanned architecture of
discourse that sprawls into environments of potential
violence, ambiguous sexuality, and rowdy beauty, but also
to make identifying data anonymous. Double-sided,
invisible, and acoustic masks are at work. Cyber-radio
comes into conflict with human memory.

Eran Schaerf
Frequency-Modulated Scenario

Edited by Herbert Kapfer and Joerg Franzbecker

With contributions by Heike Geissler, Herbert Kapfer, Christine
Lemke, Hanne Loreck, Sven Lütticken, Karolin Meunier, Eva
Meyer, Yigal Shalom Nizri, Gerald Raunig, Margit Rosen, Eran
Schaerf, Andrea Thal, and Gitte Villesen

Designed by Flo Gaertner / Magma

Paperback, 20 x 27 cm, 288 pages
ISBN 978-3-943620-34-4

An evening to present the latest issue of
Rab–Rab and the activities of Rab–Rab
Press. The journal will be introduced by
its editor, Sezgin Boynik and several
contributors will be at Archive Kabinett
to discuss the contents.
Anguish Language approaches language as a core aspect
of the present social crisis. The project engages in
solidarity with forms of self-publishing, poetry,
criticism, experimental writing and declamation that
have arisen in the wake of the 2007-8 financial crisis,
considering language among and through the social
struggles responding to its consequences.
Anguish Language: Writing and Crisis

Edited by John Cunningham, Anthony Iles,
Mira Mattar, Marina Vishmidt

With contributions by Anguish Language Copenhagen Group,
Anguish Language Berlin Group, Nanni Balestrini, Jacob Bard-
Rosenberg, Sean Bonney, Anne Boyer, John Cunningham,
Amy De’Ath, Frére Dupont, Suzanne Goldenberg, Danny Hayward,
Anke Hennig, Martin Howse, Anthony Iles, Mira Mattar, Mattin &
Karolin Meunier, Neinsager, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Lisa Robertson,
Marina Vishmidt, Catherine Wagner, Wealth of Negations
Designed by Archive Appendix
Published by Archive Books

12 x 20 cm, 304 pages,
two colours, softcover

ISBN 978-3-943620-30-6

Rab–Rab, issue 02

Edited by Sezgin Boynik and Gregoire Rousseau

Contributors for volume B: Darko Suvin, Anthony Iles, Grupa za
Konceptualnu Politiku, Mattin, Jyrki Siukonen, Rahel Puffert, Martin
Krenn, Jaakko Karhunen, Max Ryynänen, Antti Eskelinen – Eze,
Gert Raeithel, Aeron Bergman, Alejandra Salinas, Milica Tomić,
Christine Delphy, Peter Gidal, Giovanna Esposito-Yussif, Kari
Yli-Annala and Sezgin Boynik

Contributors for volume A: Dror Feiler, Mazen Kerbaj, Ozren
Pupovac, Ben Watson, Michel Chevalier, Jean-Claude Moineau,
Taneli Viitahuhta, Henrik Heinonen, Grégoire Rousseau, Bruno
Besana, Ivana Momčilović, François Nicolas

Designed by Nicolas Schevin (El-Sphere)

20 x 28, 500 pages,

Saturday, November 21, 7 pm
Anguish Language
Writing and Crisis
Between States is the result of a dialogue between the Tel
Aviv-based artist and video-activist David Reeb and the
Manchester-based writer and academic Simon Faulkner.
The book addresses relationships between aesthetics and
politics, focusing on the complex geography of
Israel/Palestine, where borders and the nature of political
statehood remain unresolved. The title
Between States refers
to the unfinished political nature of this area, while also
describing the condition of in-between-ness defined by the
book itself as it shifts from artistic concerns to more
explicitly political subjects. This in-between-ness also relates
to the complex spatial relationships between the UK, Israel,
and the West Bank that were involved in the development of
the dialogue between the two authors.

Between States is made up of a set of images and texts that
move the reader between different forms of representation
and knowledge: from paintings to photographs and video-
stills, and from texts involving varying degrees of theoretical
abstraction to first-person accounts of events and
experiences in Israel, the West Bank and the UK. The
uncertainty that defines the political conditions explored
through these different forms is echoed in the sense of
uncertainty created by the overall format of the book and the
relationships between its different elements. This format is
intended to help the reader make their own connections
between different images and textual narratives, and
through this to explore the themes of the project in a
relatively open way.

As well as reproductions of paintings by David Reeb and
photographs and articles by both authors, the book also
includes works by other visual producers, such as Hans
Haacke, Peter Kennard, Miki Kratsman, and the
Israel/Palestine-based photographic collective ActiveStills.

Simon Faulkner and David Reeb
Between States

Published by Black Dog Publishing

23 x 17 cm, 176 pages
ISBN 978-1-908966-38-4

Friday, November 20, 7 pm
Journal for Political and
Formal Inquiries in Art
Launch of the book Anguish Language:
Writing and Crisis, by the editors: John
Cunningham, Anthony Iles, Mira Mattar
and Marina Vishmidt, with contributions by
Sean Bonney, Karolin Meunier & Mattin.
Saturday, November 21, 7 pm
Archive Kabinett, Dieffenbachstr. 31, Berlin


Monday, 23 November, 9 pm
b_books, Lübbener Str. 14, Berlin
Presentation of the book Between States by the
two authors: Simon Faulkner and David Reeb.
The launch will coincide with a display of videos
of demonstrations in Palestinian villages in the West
Bank by David Reeb and photographic images of
popular struggle in Israel/Palestine by ActiveStills.
Book reception for Eran Schaerf, Frequency-Modulated
recently published by Archive Books and the
German edition
Eran Schaerf, Frequenzmoduliertes
, intermedium / belleville, Munich.