“Where is Cinema?” by Anouk De Clercq


Archive Books presents the new publication of Anouk de Clercq at Wolf Kino. This book is compiled of portraits of film initiatives from around the world, interwoven with conversations with adventurers who have rebooted movie theatres or built them up from the ground, in the hope that it can be an inspiring compendium for future cinema builders, filmmakers, film curators and film lovers.

Discoteca Flaming Star


Banner presentation and book launch of Sticky Stage – A Book as Evidence & Script for Future Performances. It gives evidence to Sticky Stage, specified on the basis of the case study at DISTRICT in Berlin. It is a path for future performances. The book is an archive of the performance and a documentation of what will be.

Book presentation
The Storyseller


Launch of “The Storyseller”, a book by Assaf Gruber edited by Paolo Caffoni. The evening will start with a reading by the artist, Tina Pfurr and Caroline Clifford, the main actresses of his film The Conspicuous Parts. The reading will be accompanied with extracts from Gruber’s films, exploring together with the audience possible readings, interpolations of the book’s conceptual orientation.

Ankersentrum (surviving in the ruinous ruin)


This publication is part of Natascha Süder Happelmann’s artistic contribution for the German Pavilion and was released in May on the occasion of the opening. Comprising a series of texts, drawings and photographs, it deals with unstable forms and possibilities of survival, tumultuous self-organisation, resistance and commoning in what could be called ruinous spaces: spaces that have created conditions or actualities that are irreversible or irreparable.

The Performativity of the Book


Cos’è la performatività del libro? Cercare il movimento della performance all’interno del libro e allo stesso tempo fuori da esso, disconoscerne la qualità di oggetto finito perché il libro non sia mai un fine ma solo un passaggio. A partire da o verso la forma libro, pensarne la performatività può significare capire come il processo di traduzione preveda alcuni codici nascosti e riveli alcune formule segrete in grado di dissolvere schematismi rigidi in processi sempre più fluidi, oppure rimettere in discussione i ruoli, i tempi di attivazione e gli spazi di relazione che portano alla realizzazione del libro stesso.

Gaddafi in Rome
The Expanded Script


In June 2009 Muammar Gaddafi and Silvio Berlusconi met in Rome to celebrate the Italy-Libya Treaty on Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation and discuss the Bilateral Agreements on migration and fuel trade. As the event sparked several protests, it caused a media frenzy in Italy that brought to the fore the controversial relations between the two countries. Attempting to turn an archive of live news updates produced during the meeting into a script, this performative lecture strives to dissect the memory of this event and the way it was reported.

After Cinema book release & Uchronia film premiere


Reading performance by Ali Darsa and musical intermezzo by Amen Feizabadi. Book launch of After Cinema followed by the film premiere of Uchronia (2019). The publication comprises short stories, screenplays and poems in analogy to five films of Azin Feizabadis ten-year long series A Collective Memory.

In Search of Archives
Contemporary Approaches to the Past


The conference and exhibition “En quête d’archives / In Search of Archives” inquires into contemporary notions and practices of the archive in postcolonial constellations. While the state of archives in former colonial settings is continuously marked by limited access, dispersed documents and repressed histories, contemporary art and research have been opening various ways of appropriating, (re)collecting and rendering visible the diverse traces and memories, creating new meanings of the past for the present and the future.

the digital ornament


manYdancing the digital ornament aims to reflect on what it means to form a collective body today, to activate and produce body knowledge through dance-like movement. The workshop and performance combine metropolitan body practices of the early 20th century with the crisis-like experiences of a present in which algorithmic governmentalities and biotechnologies molecularize bodies and translate them into data sets. We draw references to “epileptically dancing white European bodies” (dance rage and dance addiction) in the aftermath of the First World War and approach queer lines of subjectivity informed by blackness, femininity and class consciousness of post-slavery dance forms.

AntiColonial Records


AntiColonial Records will include a three-day programme including working groups, film screenings, presentations and discussions revolving around the question of social justice born out of the postcolonial situation. The encounter is set up to facilitate collaborative explorations of the potential of the creative work to disrupt ingrained ideas and representations through affecting the senses and imagination. It forms a continuation of discussions started during the “Black Lens” seminar held at Khiasma and La Colonie last March in Paris.

Ines Schaber,
Notes on Archives


Notes on Archives is a series of publications by artist Ines Schaber about archives and the practices we conduct in relation to them. Produced over the course of more than ten years, the publications feature a series of case studies, research, concrete projects, and reflections on the questions and problems that image archives pose today.

What if it won’t stop here?
UdK Graduale 18


In this exhibition at Archive kabinett, the fellows of the UdK Graduate school programme voice their concerns in installations, performances and discussions. Coming from visual art, dance, music, film, performance and critical theory, the artists in the show propose micro-political answers to the macro-political question: How to still find some marge de manoeuvre when the air of gloom spread by political backlash today clouds the horizon for imagining change? What is to be done?

Bitter Things
by bi’bak


BITTER THINGS is a research-based exhibition project by bi’bak that explores the impact of labor migration on the notion of motherhood and family from the perspectives of women migrant workers and children left behind. The installation takes experiences of transnational families from both past and present as a point of departure and brings narratives together with objects, which play a central role within the families.

Il deserto e il mare
(The desert and the sea), 2007


That relation between us, or among us follows bodies on the move, their action, retracing displacements and transitions, but also those passages from one place to another constituted by acts of translation. The programme recovers some of those moments recorded by the camera: it examines the process of an “experimental archaeology of the present”; it exposes diachronies, the shifts between different border regimes, the continuities of power and the subjectivities that resist it. The programme reconstructs transnational counter-histories as they emerge from the productions and practices of “minor”, decolonial, accented cinemas: they oppose the fiction of an ever-present migration emergency – an “emergency” produced and perpetuated by European policies that make people illegal, by borderisation and spectacularisation mechanisms, and which goes from one “crisis” to the next.

Untraining the Ear
A Listening Exhibition on José Maceda


For UNTRAINING THE EAR LISTENING SESSION N°4, SAVVY Contemporary, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and CTM festival present a special archival exhibition and workshop and a performance-based listening session on the works of the experimental musician and maverick composer José Maceda (1917–2004).

Each Line Is A Crime
exhibition and book launch


On the occasion of the book release of Towards (Im)Measurability of Art and Life written and edited by Miya Yoshida, Archive will host the group show, Each Line Is A Crime curated by the author. The exhibition expands on exploring the subject of art and measurement. It presents works by three artists: Birgit Auf der Lauer & Caspar Pauli (DE), Robert Estermann (CH), and Katya Sander (DK), each addressing different political, economic, aesthetic, and ethical issues of measurement in contemporary society.

Tugging the apparatus
Exhibition by Romana Schmalisch


On the occasion of the publication “Mobile Cinema”, published 2017 by Archive Books, the artist Romana Schmalisch will present her apparatus Mobile Cinema which derives its form from Alexander Medvedkin’s film The New Moscow (1938). After several years of travelling, it comes to rest for an open archival exhibition at Archive Kabinett, presenting materials and filmic notes that have been collected or produced during the journeys – ranging from dance and labour, bright futures and socialist realism, vampires and resurrection – materials that went through this apparatus, leaving neither of them unchanged.

Imagining the Future:
The Arab World in the Aftermath of Revolution


Following the uprisings in the Arab world, a wave of counter-revolutions has exacerbated internal repression, intensified by the active intervention of international powers. The material as well as the immaterial damages are immense. The setbacks are not only felt in the short term but fundamentally affect the very notions and representations of a future. Before the Arab revolutions, visions of the future tended to regard dictatorships as ultimately transitory episodes. Even though some of the expectations have been fulfilled, this did not pave the way to new horizons. Rather, the curtain has been brought down on a political era that once promised a bright future.

documenta 14


Join us for a slow two-day launch of the publication aneducation – documenta 14. On June 6–7, 2018, Archive Books hosts readings, talks, moments for asking questions, meals, music, walks and exercises with team members, contributors, colleagues and guests from Athens, Berlin, Kassel and beyond.

Lottando la vita
screening and discussion


That relation between us, or among us follows bodies on the move, their action, retracing displacements and transitions, but also those passages from one place to another constituted by acts of translation. The programme recovers some of those moments recorded by the camera: it examines the process of an “experimental archaeology of the present”; it exposes diachronies, the shifts between different border regimes, the continuities of power and the subjectivities that resist it.

To Become Two
Alex Martinis Roe


Archive Kabinett presents To Become Two, a film installation and publication by Alex Martinis Roe that stem from her ongoing engagement with international feminist communities and their political practices. Across six films, To Become Two traces the stories of six different, yet connected, feminist groups from the 1970s to the present who have built communities in Europe and Australia. 

Spell Reel
screening and double book launch

13 – 20.04.2018

An archive of film and audio material in Bissau. On the verge of complete ruin, the footage testifies to the birth of Guinean cinema as part of the decolonising vision of Amílcar Cabral, the liberation leader who was assassinated in 1973. In collaboration with the Guinean filmmakers Sana na N’Hada and Flora Gomes, as well as many allies, Filipa César imagines a journey wherein this fragile matter from the past operates as a visionary prism of shrapnel, with which to look through.

The Effects of


Screening of Catarina Simão’s video which emerged from her research, The Mozambique Institute Project, and was dedicated to a pioneering school project in Tanzania. It was followed by a discussion hosted by Tobias Hering.

The Curfew
Exhibition and talk

27.01.2018 – 18.02.2018

A public talk on the occasion of the exhibition by Katarina Sevic and Gergely Laszlo. With Hajnalka Somogyi / OFF-Biennale Budapest (HU) Agnieszka Polska & Janek Simon / Szalona Galeria (PL) and Andrej Mirčev, Berlin.

A troupe roves the streets of Budapest. They push in front of them a three-meter high egg-shaped, multiplayer megaphone. They stop at busy public squares to perform their play as a speaking choir about the transfiguration of a group of security guards. They are helped by the magical “talking egg” in which the voices reborn and amplify.

Discreet Violence


On the occasion of the finissage of the exhibition Discreet Violence: French Camps in Colonized Algeria, curated by Samia Henni, film excerpts annotated by Brigitta Kuster in conversation with Yasmina Dekkar, were screened at Archive Kabinett on January 20th. 

Discreet Violence
Exhibition Opening


On December 19th the exhibition opening of Discreet Violence: French Camps in Colonized Algeria, along with the book launch of Architecture of Counterrevolution: The French Army in Northern Algeria (Zurich: gta Publishers, 2017), took place at Archive Kabinett. 

Tropicália and


In connection with the screening programme, ‘Tropicália and Beyond: Dialogues in Brazilian Film History’ at Tate Modern, Archive Books presented a publication by the same title, edited by Stefan Solomon, along with the screening of ‘A Maldição Tropical’ and ‘Barravento Novo’.

How Does the World Breathe Now? N°41


For the 41st session of SAVVY Contemporary’s weekly film series, Rachel O’Reilly introduced aboriginal community activist and Gumbaynggirr man Roxley Foley, part of the current generation of grassroots activism in Australia to present films and a discussion.

Some Name Some Noun Simply


The premiere of the short play Some Name Some Noun Simply, written and directed by Nicoline van Harskamp, took place at Archive Kabinett during Berlin Art Week 2017. It was performed three times by Serge Fouha, Kenneth Philip George and Monica Reyes.

The Cinema of
Med Hondo

20.08.2017 – 10.09.2017

An exhibition by Theo Eshetu, as part of Cours, cours, camarade, le vieux monde est derrière toi – The Cinema of Med Hondo, a collaborative project at Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, Archive Kabinett, silent green Kulturquartier and SAVVY Contemporary.

Safrana ou le droit a la parole


The screening of Safrana ou le droit a la parole by Sidney Sokhona took place at Arsenal Cinema. The film was presented by Raphaël Grisey, visual artist and filmmaker and Bouba Touré, photographer, co-founder of the Somankidi Coura Cooperative and an actor in the film.

Sowing Somankidi

30.06.2017 – 05.08.2017

An exhibition, a seminar, a screening programme, and a book. Sowing Somankidi Coura is a long-term research endeavor by Raphaël Grisey in collaboration with Bouba Touré around the permacultures and archives of Somankidi Coura, a self-organized cooperative.

How Does the World Breathe Now? N°29


Sînziana Paltineanu presented an encounter with a film by Moyra Davey. A work of autofiction, 50 Minutes approaches the world first and foremost through the personal archive. The screening and discussion were part of SAVVY Contemporary’s weekly film series.

Extending the


On June 24th the Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory, Archive Books, and the ERSTE Foundation presented the publication Extending the Dialogue on June 24th, at Archive Kabinett, with Ekaterina Degot, Antonia Majaća, Urška Jurman, and Christiane Erharter.

How Does the World Breathe Now? N°28


Winta Yohannes presented the film Compliance by Craig Zobel, a troubling psychological indie thriller exploring the relationship between obedience, authority and responsibility. The screening and discussion were part of SAVVY Contemporary’s weekly film series.

How Does the World Breathe Now? N°27


Diana el Jeroudi presented two experiences of documentary as stretching and blending into reality: Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait by O. Mohammed and W.S. Bedirxan and Santiago by João Moreira Salles. The Screening was part of SAVVY Contemporary’s film series.

Portable Polis
Working Group


Portable Polis is a Berlin-wide public-participation project based on oral, close reading of texts by German-American thinker Hannah Arendt. The readings will occur at several sites around Berlin from texts related to the activities and focus of the site where each session occurs.

A reading
from Sci-Fi literature


On the occasion of Gitte Villesen’s exhibition I stick my hands into the earth, and I think for a while at Archive Kabinett, there was a reading of sequences from Sci-Fi literature with artist Emma Haugh and sociologists of science Tahani Nadim, on May 26th 2017.

Gitte Villesen

29.04.2017 – 02.06.2017

The opening of Gitte Villesen’s exhibition I stick my hands into the earth, and I think for a while and the release of the publication by the same title, published by Archive Books. Gitte Villesen showed several of her works including a display of the new publication.

Fractal Thinking
A conversation


Susanne M. Winterling will be joined by Denise Ferreira da Silva to talk about poethical ethics, the practice of the ‘what If’, and fractal thinking. The conversational project Pandora Box explores possibilities of forming alliances and creating networks of solidarity to think the world anew.

The Dig
Jan Peter Hammer

18.02.2017 – 26.03.2017

The Dig is part of Jan Peter Hammer’s ongoing research project The Art of War, which comprises several chapters, all of which revolve around the illegal trade in stolen antiquities — an epiphenomenon of a new global order, emerging on the margins of the nation state.

The Re-appropriation
of Desire in Public

29.01.2017 – 06.02.2017

Launch of Having a Kiki: Queer Desire and Public Space – published by Paper Visual Art, edited by Emma Haugh. Accompanied by Haugh’s show The Re-appropriation of Sensuality, with a reading and conversation between the artist and PVA co-editor Adrian Duncan.

Dieffenbachstraße 31


We are moving out! A full evening to give a proper goodbye to our space in Dieffenbachstraße 31, which we inhabited for more than 7 years and hosted 101 events. An occasion to thank all the people who helped shape Archive and supported us from the very beginning.

Mobile Cinema
Two steps back

19.12.2015 – 16.01.2016

Romana Schmalisch’s Mobile Cinema returns to Archive Kabinett in frame of the exhibition Mobile Cinema – Two steps back. This apparatus – somewhere between urban model, cinema, and plate camera – derived its form from Alexander Medvedkin’s film The New Moscow.

Film Archive

12.2015 – 01.2016

Screening organized by the Warsaw based Arton Foundation. The selected films are part of Repository, a digital archive, which presents archival materials by seminal Polish artists active in the 60’s and 70’s. Among the others Wojciech Bruszewski and Paweł Kwiek.



Presentation of the book Frequency-Modulated Scenario by Eran Schaerf published in the framework of the project fm-scenario – The Listener’s Voice, a radio station where freedom of speech is supposed to be guaranteed by a computerized moderator taking listeners’ calls.

Between States


Launch of the publication Between States by the authors: Simon Faulkner and David Reeb. The launch will coincide with a display of videos of demonstrations in Palestinian villages in the West Bank by David Reeb and images of struggle in Israel/Palestine by ActiveStills.

Anguish Language
Writing and Crisis


Presentation of the anthology Anguish Language: Writing and Crisis, edited by John Cunningham, Anthony Iles, Mira Mattar, and Marina Vishmidt. On the occasion of the book launch the editors will be joined by some of the contributors: Sean Bonney, Karolin Meunier and Mattin.



An evening to present the latest issue of Rab-Rab: journal for political and formal inquiries in art, edited by Sezgin Boynik and Gregoire Rousseau and the activities of Rab-Rab Press. The journal was introduced by the editors and several contributors discussed the contents.

Make Yourself


Presentation of Annette Weisser’s artist book Make Yourself Available is published in connection with two of her recent solo exhibitions. On the occasion of the launch, the artist discusses Susanne Weiß, Ursula Schöndeling, and trauma therapist Gabriele Baring.

Look For Us in
the Inkwells

10.10.2015 – 24.10.2015

Look For Us in the Inkwells We Will Always Be There is an exhibition developed for Atelier Impopulaire’s RULE C series which includes works made by four collectives: A.P.E. Art Projects Era, Feminist Land Art Retreat, Rhein Verlag, and Studio for Propositional Cinema.

Feminist Film & Video

26.09.2015 – 06.10.2015

Cinenova Chain Letter. Film screening and presentation with Cinenova Working Group (Karolin Meunier, Irene Revell and Sandra Schäfer, in this instance). Exhibition of documents and manifestos from Cinenova Archive and screening of the selected films in loop.

Mathilde ter Heijne
Performing Change


Performing Change by Mathilde ter Heijne. Book launch and conversation with the artist and Michael Birchall, Vanessa Gravenor, Amy Patton, Janne Schäfer, Santiago da Silva, and Sophia Trollmann. On display two the artist: Women To Go and I Got the Sun in the Morning.

Project Space
Xchange Festival

18.09.2015 – 20.09.2015

Library and reading group in the frame of the exchange project Cognitive Capitalism as Artificial Intelligence, Busy Constructing Itself. A collaboration between Archive Kabinett and Decad. Supported by Berlin Art Week and part of the Project Space Xchange Festival.

Judith Raum


Book launch with a conversation between the artist Judith Raum and art historian Sabeth Buchmann. eser is a comprehensive publication on Judith Raum’s work and includes essays by Sabeth Buchmann, Alexander García Düttman, Suzanne Marchand, and Iz Öztat.

Lieux de Mémoire
and Desire

05.09.2015 – 13.09.2015

Book launch of Maya Schweizer’s artist’s book with a conversation between the artist, Volker Pantenburg and Moritz Scheper. The publication was edited by Maya Schweizer and Moritz Scheper. A selection of the films featured in the book will be on view at Archive Kabinett.

Caitlin Berrigan
Unfinished State

07.08.2015 – 04.09.2015

Caitlin Berrigan’s exhibition and artist’s book stray from narratives of city-branding and surges of global capital that have caused waves of real estate development in Berlin and Beirut. The exhibition will be on display until september 4th and is part of the Project Space Festival.

Books and lectures


Presentation of a selection of books by Koen Brams, Sezgin Boynik, Cathleen Schuster/Marcel Dickhage, Bruno Besana, Gal Kirnm, Annette le Fort, Steven Corcoran, k.r.u.ž.o.k, and lecture by Jack Henri Fisher. By alumni and former director of the JVE Academie.

For Excellence
in Poetry


Readings by Mirene Arsanios, Alex Cuff, and Sam Wilder. Artwork by Setareh Shahbazi. Whether with words or images, the authors’ work engages translation as a means of introducing foreignness within the self, rather than translating otherness to others.

Deimantas Narkevičius
Da Capo

20.07.2015 – 06.08.2015

Book Launch of Deimantas Narkevičius. Da Capo: Fifteen Films, a comprehensive overview of the filmmaker’s work. Conversation between the artist and Boris Buden. A selection of the films featured within the book were on view at Archive Kabinett.

Trail by Natascha
Sadr Haghighian


Resources installation and book presentation of Trail by Natascha Sadr Haghighian. A conversation will take place between the author, Ashkan Sepahvand, and Pola Sieverding. Trail is a project developed by Sadr Haghighian for the dOCUMENTA(13).

Drawing Room


Presentation of three new issues on Bruce McLean, Alexandre da Cunha, and Richard Wentworth. They are part of the series Drawing Room Confessions, in which for each book an artist is invited to play a game of conversation with interlocutors from different fields.



Website and project launch Regarding Spectatorship curated by Boaz Levin and Marianna Liosi. Vera Tollman reads from Watching “Powers of Ten” in 2014 – Retro-futurism or a Blueprint for Same Old Power Structures? and Charles and Ray Eames’s Powers of Ten is screened.

Young Girl
Reading Group


The YOUNG GIRL READING GROUP is not a gendered concept. There will be readings from the book Flesh and Stone by Richard Sennet. An event organised around feminist inspired theory and fiction, and an interest in technology-driven emancipation.

Summer Winter East
West by Martin Beck


A presentation by Martin Beck. In conjunction with the release of the publication Summer Winter East West by Martin Beck followed by a conversation between Christina von Rotenhan and the artist. Edited by Sabine Rusterholz Petko and Christina von Rotenhan.

Visionary Archive

21.05.2015 – 31.05.2015

Festival presenting projects from five localities at Arsenal Cinema, Archive Kabinett and Scriptings. Visionary Archive is a collaborative translocal experiment: phases and facets of African cinema are researched in Cairo, Khartoum, Johannesburg, Bissau and Berlin.



Project launch of Conversations by the queer-feminist platform FRANK. A series of online distributed dialogues and interviews with artists and theorists who address the politics of art, gender and sexuality. With a conversation between Ester Fleckner and Renate Lorenz.

Two Voices / Rhythms,
Voices and Ties


A collaborative reading by Alex Martinis Roe and Federica Bueti. Two voices is part of the ongoing performative reading series called Rhythm, Voices and Ties. The series brings together visual artists, poets and literary writers and was curated by Federica Bueti.

Der Standpunkt
der Aufnahme


Presentation of the book Der Standpunkt der Aufnahme – Point of View: Perspectives of political film and video work. And discussions between the editor Tobias Hering, Achim Lengerer and Chiara Figone. The reader emerged from an ongoing program series at the Arsenal cinema.

Mahony with Broken Dimanche Press


Presentation of two publications by Mahony and talks by Post Brothers, who contributed to Mahony’s Seeing Sight, and John Holten, who contributed to how a mosquito operates. Accompanied by two short screenings of some of Mahony’s work related to these books.

A story from
Circolo della Rosa

22.02.2014 – 22.03.2014

Exhibition introducing Alex Martinis Roe’s new film, which continues her work on feminist genealogies. A presentation of the artist’s personal archive and publications by the Libreria delle Donne di Milano. Organized in collaboration with Fiona Guess.

Constellations of One
and Many

24.01.2014 – 22.03.2014

Exhibition of the work Constellations of One and Many by Falke Pisano. A collaboration between Falke Pisano and Archive Books (Paolo Caffoni). Curated by Emanuele Guidi. The exhibition will be on display from January until March at Archive Kabinett.

Berlin: A Morphology
of Walls


Presentation of a new book by Anna Kostreva. Through over sixty hand drawn images the book tells the story of the development, or the morphology, of Berlin and emphasizes the impact of Berlin’s historical walls on the current day city. Published by Archive Books.

PERSONA / Return
to Inquiry


Joint launch of two publications. The magazine PERSONA was edited by Melissa Gordon and Marina Vishmidt. Return to Inquiry is an artist book by Karolin Meunier. The event includes a reading by Karolin Meunier and an introduction with Melissa Gordon.

the Collective


The sixth evening in the series of “Formate des Wir” by the nGbK with a discussion with Dan Kidner. Screenings of short examples from the film collectives London Women’s Film Group, Berwick Street Film Collective and Cinema Action will accompany the discussion.

Sholem Krishtalka

31.10.2013 – 30.11.2013

Exhibition of Arcana comprising of prints of Sholem Krishtalka’s complete Tarot Deck. The deck itself is an idiosyncratic reflection and processing of the Tarot iconography. Coinciding with the exhibition Archive Kabinett hosts two video screenings based on the occult.

Survival Kits


Presentation of Deborah Ligorio’s book at Archive Kabinett. After an introduction by the author there will be readings by Armen Avanessian, Federica Bueti, Paul Feigelfeld, Stefan Heidenreich, Vincenzo Latronico, and Ana Teixeira Pinto. Published by Sternberg Press.

Outside and Inside
the Power Museum


Launch of the …ment journal and collaborative reading between Michael Baers and Jeremiah Day on the history of Los Angeles and the city’s relationship to public space. Part of the series Rhythms, Voices and Ties organized by Federica Bueti in collaboration with Archive Kabinett.

Joshua Simon


The Berlin launch of Joshua Simon’s new book. A discussion will take place between curator Julia Moritz, artist Caleb Waldorf and writer and editor Federica Bueti and the author. An open conversation follows afterwards. Published by Sternberg Press.

Warren Neidich
Berlin Works


Book presentation of Berlin Works: The Noologist’s Handbook and Other Art Experiments. Followed by a discussion between the author, art and art researcher Warren Neidich and professor of modern and contemporary art history John Welchman.


04.08.2013 – 30.08.2013

The Exhibition of a Necessary Incompleteness is a photo-, text-, and video-based investigation into varied articulations of incompleteness and vertical phasing in the built landscape internationally. There will be a short film program and an ongoing exhibition.

Inventory at
Dissident Desire


The project Dissident Desire takes its departure point from the exploration of the performative and bio-political status of the contemporary body. Accompanied by a lecture by Nicola Guy and Chiara Figone. The project is organised by Susanne Husse and Lorenzo Sandoval.

The Lip


Lip Anthology introduced by editor Vivian Ziherl discussing the periodization of feminist art histories and (neo)liberal present takes on the politics of recognition. The presentation will be accompanied by a ‘Feminist Tablecloth’ produced by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy.

Tyler Coburn
I’m that angel

16.06.2013 – 21.06.2013

Presentation of Tyler Coburn’s book and video footage hosted by Archive Kabinett. There will be a short introduction to the project followed by an informal discussion with the author. The event coincides with a performance at e-shelter, Berlin’s largest data centre.

Hello Comrade


Reading and discussion group with Kerstin Stakemeier, the fourth part of the series Hello Comrade Artists. The project further includes lectures, performances and screenings and is organised by Archive, Eléonore de Montesquiou, Romana Schmalisch and Robert Schlicht.



Curatorial Collaboration Initiative: Manifesto work-out. Curated by Florian Feigl and Joel Verwimp with the participation of the MPA-B initiators. The event will coincide with the Month of Performance Art which takes place in Berlin during the month of May.

Theses on Militant


A reading by Patricia Reed. More than this that is not yet: Theses on Militant Romanticism (or conversely so) is part of the ongoing project Rhythm, Voices and Ties curated by Federica Bueti. Accompanied by a booklet, which opens up to reveal a poster of the titles for all 10 theses.

Psychopathologies of
Cognitive Capitalism


Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism. A conference conceived by Warren Neidich at the ICI and lecture and book presentation at Archive Kabinett. The book is the second of a series of books that attempts to broaden the definition of cognitive capitalism.

Following the world could lead to…


Following the world could lead, To bigger tits. A Reading by Olivia Dunbar. The event is part of the ongoing performative reading series Rhythm, Voices and Ties. The series brings together visual artists, poets and literary writers and is curated by Federica Bueti.

Hello Comrade


Screening of Der subjektive Faktor by Helke Sander and Scuola senza fine by Adriana Monti followed by a discussion with Karolin Meunier and Susanne M. Winterling. Organised by Archive, Eléonore de Montesquiou, Romana Schmalisch and Robert Schlicht.


12.01.2013 – 17.02.2013

Part of How To Tell A Story in DEPO, Istanbul. Curated by Emanuele Guidi and Cathy Larqué. Collaboration with Can Altay, Aleksandra Domanovic, Dan Perjovschi, John Menick, Vladimir Nikolic, Marinella Senatore, John Smith, Imogen Stidworthy, Adam Vackar.

Travel Stipend Video

14.12.2012 – 21.12.2012

Presentation of Artistic Supplement by Peter Müller and Others. Parts of the supplement will be presented and discussed further by Peter Müller and Marina Vishmidt, with a comment by David Bennewith. The video will be on display at Archive Kabinett until December 21st.



AKV Berlin presents two books by the 2012 Arthur Boskamp Prizewinners at Archive Kabinett. Anna Herms will present her book Kindheit ist eine Erfindhung, published by AKV Berlin, and Fabian Reimann Another Earth Catalog, published by Spector Books.

Hello Comrade


Meetings and reading group. Second part of the discussion group series organised by Archive, Eléonore de Montesquiou, Romana Schmalisch and Robert Schlicht. The series further includes lectures, performances and screenings.

19 Hours at the


A project by Studio Miessen in frame of the exhibition Between Walls And Windows. Architecture and Ideology curated by Valerie Smith. Located at the roof kiosk of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Book selection by Archive Kabinett.

Hello Comrade


Labour Journal. Reading by Marina Vishmidt and Susanne M. Winterling. Marina Vishmidt is co-editor of LABOUR, the first issue of a publication project on the work of women and the work of women artists initiated by Melissa Gordon.

Journal of Aesthetics
& Protest


Presentation of the 8th issue of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (Winter 2011) that deals with the subject of Grassroots Modernism. Accompanied by a discussion and reading together with Chris Lee, Ultra-red and Marc Herbst.

Studies in Sculpture
22 fragments


Launch of the book Studies in Sculpture — 22 fragments by the artist Assaf Gruber. It was published on the occasion of the Gruber’s exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien. At Archive Kabinett a video-installation will be on display.


18.09.2011 – 18.12.2011

Inventory #1 exhibited at the Thessaloniki Biennale in Greece. Curated by Paolo Colombo, Mahita El Backa Urieta and Marina Fokidis. The material is part of the research project by Archive Kabinett through Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


09.2011— Ongoing

Continuing research project through Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In the form of an archive of publications and printed matter, an inventory of anomalies, heresies, anarchism and feminism, it approaches the recent past of these regions and their cultural heritage.