Berlin: A Morphology
of Walls


Presentation of a new book by Anna Kostreva. Through over sixty hand drawn images the book tells the story of the development, or the morphology, of Berlin and emphasizes the impact of Berlin’s historical walls on the current day city. Published by Archive Books.

PERSONA / Return
to Inquiry


Joint launch of two publications. The magazine PERSONA was edited by Melissa Gordon and Marina Vishmidt. Return to Inquiry is an artist book by Karolin Meunier. The event includes a reading by Karolin Meunier and an introduction with Melissa Gordon.

the Collective


The sixth evening in the series of “Formate des Wir” by the nGbK with a discussion with Dan Kidner. Screenings of short examples from the film collectives London Women’s Film Group, Berwick Street Film Collective and Cinema Action will accompany the discussion.

Sholem Krishtalka

31.10.2013 – 30.11.2013

Exhibition of Arcana comprising of prints of Sholem Krishtalka’s complete Tarot Deck. The deck itself is an idiosyncratic reflection and processing of the Tarot iconography. Coinciding with the exhibition Archive Kabinett hosts two video screenings based on the occult.

Survival Kits


Presentation of Deborah Ligorio’s book at Archive Kabinett. After an introduction by the author there will be readings by Armen Avanessian, Federica Bueti, Paul Feigelfeld, Stefan Heidenreich, Vincenzo Latronico, and Ana Teixeira Pinto. Published by Sternberg Press.

Outside and Inside
the Power Museum


Launch of the …ment journal and collaborative reading between Michael Baers and Jeremiah Day on the history of Los Angeles and the city’s relationship to public space. Part of the series Rhythms, Voices and Ties organized by Federica Bueti in collaboration with Archive Kabinett.

Joshua Simon


The Berlin launch of Joshua Simon’s new book. A discussion will take place between curator Julia Moritz, artist Caleb Waldorf and writer and editor Federica Bueti and the author. An open conversation follows afterwards. Published by Sternberg Press.

Warren Neidich
Berlin Works


Book presentation of Berlin Works: The Noologist’s Handbook and Other Art Experiments. Followed by a discussion between the author, art and art researcher Warren Neidich and professor of modern and contemporary art history John Welchman.


04.08.2013 – 30.08.2013

The Exhibition of a Necessary Incompleteness is a photo-, text-, and video-based investigation into varied articulations of incompleteness and vertical phasing in the built landscape internationally. There will be a short film program and an ongoing exhibition.

Inventory at
Dissident Desire


The project Dissident Desire takes its departure point from the exploration of the performative and bio-political status of the contemporary body. Accompanied by a lecture by Nicola Guy and Chiara Figone. The project is organised by Susanne Husse and Lorenzo Sandoval.

The Lip


Lip Anthology introduced by editor Vivian Ziherl discussing the periodization of feminist art histories and (neo)liberal present takes on the politics of recognition. The presentation will be accompanied by a ‘Feminist Tablecloth’ produced by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy.

Tyler Coburn
I’m that angel

16.06.2013 – 21.06.2013

Presentation of Tyler Coburn’s book and video footage hosted by Archive Kabinett. There will be a short introduction to the project followed by an informal discussion with the author. The event coincides with a performance at e-shelter, Berlin’s largest data centre.

Hello Comrade


Reading and discussion group with Kerstin Stakemeier, the fourth part of the series Hello Comrade Artists. The project further includes lectures, performances and screenings and is organised by Archive, Eléonore de Montesquiou, Romana Schmalisch and Robert Schlicht.



Curatorial Collaboration Initiative: Manifesto work-out. Curated by Florian Feigl and Joel Verwimp with the participation of the MPA-B initiators. The event will coincide with the Month of Performance Art which takes place in Berlin during the month of May.

Theses on Militant


A reading by Patricia Reed. More than this that is not yet: Theses on Militant Romanticism (or conversely so) is part of the ongoing project Rhythm, Voices and Ties curated by Federica Bueti. Accompanied by a booklet, which opens up to reveal a poster of the titles for all 10 theses.

Psychopathologies of
Cognitive Capitalism


Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism. A conference conceived by Warren Neidich at the ICI and lecture and book presentation at Archive Kabinett. The book is the second of a series of books that attempts to broaden the definition of cognitive capitalism.

Following the world could lead to…


Following the world could lead, To bigger tits. A Reading by Olivia Dunbar. The event is part of the ongoing performative reading series Rhythm, Voices and Ties. The series brings together visual artists, poets and literary writers and is curated by Federica Bueti.

Hello Comrade


Screening of Der subjektive Faktor by Helke Sander and Scuola senza fine by Adriana Monti followed by a discussion with Karolin Meunier and Susanne M. Winterling. Organised by Archive, Eléonore de Montesquiou, Romana Schmalisch and Robert Schlicht.


12.01.2013 – 17.02.2013

Part of How To Tell A Story in DEPO, Istanbul. Curated by Emanuele Guidi and Cathy Larqué. Collaboration with Can Altay, Aleksandra Domanovic, Dan Perjovschi, John Menick, Vladimir Nikolic, Marinella Senatore, John Smith, Imogen Stidworthy, Adam Vackar.

Travel Stipend Video

14.12.2012 – 21.12.2012

Presentation of Artistic Supplement by Peter Müller and Others. Parts of the supplement will be presented and discussed further by Peter Müller and Marina Vishmidt, with a comment by David Bennewith. The video will be on display at Archive Kabinett until December 21st.



AKV Berlin presents two books by the 2012 Arthur Boskamp Prizewinners at Archive Kabinett. Anna Herms will present her book Kindheit ist eine Erfindhung, published by AKV Berlin, and Fabian Reimann Another Earth Catalog, published by Spector Books.